The traditional craft
 White Satsuma Pottery
Satsuma Pottery 
 The Kagoshima pottery industry began in 1598, when Shimazu Yoshihiro,
feudal load of Satsuma province, brought back

several potters form Korea after the 1597-98 war.
From then on for more than 400years , Satsuma-ware has been one of
the prefecture's traditional arts.
Satsuma-ware comes in two types: White Satsuma and Black Satsuma.

In feudal times, the gorgeously painted
White Satsuma With its characteristic network of fine cracks was used
by the feudal lords for their vases, incense
burners, and tea sets. Black Satsuma, however, is made from a dark-colored material
and mainly used for practical everyday articles.

The large number of beautiful White Satsuma-ware on this home page were painted
with great care by myself, Nishida Akio, from anywhere over a few days to a few months
It is my great pleasure that you can enjoy these pieces representing 30 years
of my craftsmanship in this special White Satsuma gallery.
This home page is made and managed by myself.
I ask you not to reproduce these pictures without permission.
Please enjoy the gallery.
Porfile : NISHIDA Akio
1988:Got a national license the first class technician
1991:Received the Kagoshima Prefectural Governor's Prize at the Satsuma Pottery Festival
1997:Director of Kagoshima Prefecture Pottery Cooperative Society
1998:Received the Kagoshima Prefectural Governor's Prize at the West Japan Arts and Crafts Exhibition
2002:Satsuma Pottery is officially recognised as one of Japan's traditional arts and crafts
2003:Received the Award for Outstanding Performance at the Kagoshima City Arts and Crafts Exhibition
2006:Got a Master of Traditional Crafts
2007:Sable Museum of Art "Satsuma porcelain"exhibiting
2008:11th Master craftsmen prize
2011:Traditional crafts "Kyushu Bureau of Economy,Trade and Industry Award"
2012:Exhibition in Tableware Festival 2012
2014:Traditional crafts (maker) Lifetime Achievement Award
2014:Traditional crafts "Minister of Economy,Trade and Industry Award"
2017:Kagoshima Prefecture Excellent Technician Governor Recognition

个人: 西田秋雄

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